How much are the bedsheets and Duvet?
It’s part of the information that will be sent to you after your registration.

How many Bedsheets or duvet am I supposed to buy at once as a distributor?
Minimum of one bedsheet bundle (a bundle contains 12 sets of bedsheet of different designs and sizes) or two Duvet sets.

Is that the minimum quantity I should order any time I wish to place order from you?
No, this minimum order quantity of one bundle only applies to your first order. Subsequent orders could be as low as three sets of bedsheet or single duvet.

Please I want to know where your office or shop address is. I want to visit to know the place
Our Outlet Address is:
17, Fabola street, Akowonjo, Egbeda
Opposite Redeemed Church (City Of Refuge),

On your way to or from Egbeda, drop at Cele Bus stop Akowonjo,
The street right on the Cele bus stop is Fagbola street. Walk or drive to the end street and turn left. The outlet (Lemon Color) is along Shasha Express Road Opposite a Redeemed Church. You can Google Bolivia Beddings to view the direction on Google Map.

How long does it take to deliver my order if I make payment?
If you make payment for order before 12 noon, your order will be dispatched the next day via GIG Logistics (our official courier delivery company). If you live in Lagos, you are likely to get your ordered products the next day after the dispatch. If you live outside Lagos, you will receive your order within 48 hours (2days) after we dispatched.

There are three delivery options for Lagos residence

i)                    You can come over to our outlet (address above) to pickup your order

ii)                  If the order is not bulky, it will be delivered to your home within 2 days

iii)                If your order is bulky, we can deliver to your home or office (depending on location) or you can pickup from the GIG Logistics company office closer to you.
And if you live outside Lagos, your order gets to you in two days after dispatch and you pick up from the GIG office in your state. The same applies if we are to deliver items to your customers on your behalf.

When is an item said to be bulky?
1 Duvet set and above is bulky. 6 bedsheet sets and above is bulky.
It is important to note that delivering of bulky items to homes is very challenging for courier companies. This owe to the fact that they use bikes for delivery and bikes have limited space for bulky items. For that, we encourage distributors who live far away to pickup their orders from GIG office closer to them.

How can I trust to pay money into your account for my order since I don’t know you?
To build confidence in us, we suggest the following
a) You can decide to pay a visit to our outlet. After that, you will have the confidence that we exist. 
b) You can send someone to our outlet for confirmation visit. Our address is stated above.
c) We give new distributors the grace of making 15% part payment for their order and pay up the balance on delivery of their products. Subsequent orders are fully paid by distributor before delivery is made. For example, a new distributor that wants to order N40,000 worth of goods is allowed to pay about N5000 deposit and pay the balance of N35,000 when the order gets to him or her.
Finally, be rest assured that we are real and not scammers. We have distributors within and outside Lagos who buy large quantity of products and get them delivered to their various states.

What if I live outside Nigeria, does the 15% part payment also apply to my first order?
No. The reason being that that our courier delivery agent (GIG), who collects payments for us currently does not have office outside of Nigeria. To have peace of mind, we do suggest to non Nigerian residents to order small quantity first and gradually increase while building trust. Alternatively, you can come or send representative to Nigeria for familiarization visit.

I have been longing to start this business, but I presently work with a Company. For that I do not have the time to run around to deliver bedsheets or duvet to my customers.
You don’t have to bother yourself about that; we help our busy distributors to deliver items to their customers Nationwide so they don’t have to stress themselves. With us by your side, you do minimal work and earn huge profit. Your whole duty as our distributor is to receive beautiful bedsheet and duvet pictures from us and send to your customers, when they place order, we deliver to them while you focus on the other things you do.

How do I get my money if you deliver to my customers?
Very simple;
- your customer requests bedsheets or duvet from you and pay you for their orders (including delivery fee)
-  you pay us for the order at wholesale price (including the delivery fee)
-  we deliver to your customer.

How do I know the delivery fee to charge my customers?
We use GiG logistics for our deliveries and they have their delivery tariff which is charged in Kg. when you give us your order, we calculate the weight of the order, check the GIG logistic tariff and give you delivery fee. The fee varies depending on weight and location.

How do I get my own profit if I sell bedsheets or Duvet?
In the distributor’s price chart, we displayed the wholesale and retail price for bedsheets,  duvet and  duvet covers. These wholesale prices are the price we sell to you as our distributor.  The retail price is the price we sell to end users. We gave you the retail price so you can have an idea of the average market price of bedsheets and duvet. You are the one to decide how much to sell your bedsheets and duvet and the amount of profit to make on any of the products you sell and you keep the entire profit to yourself.

Is your delivery nationwide or within Lagos?
We deliver Nationwide. Though the states we deliver to largely depend on the no of states GIG goes to.

I have seen the bedsheet and duvet pictures you sent to my whatsapp, but the prices and sizes are not attached to them.
All the bedsheet and duvet designs sent to you have the same price. All you have to do to know the price of the different sizes is to check your Distributor price chart sent to you on whatsapp.

Please what bed size is king size and Queen size?
King size is 7x7 bedsheet while Queen size (or standard size) is 6x6

Can bed sheets be sold without pillow case?
No, a minimum of one pillow case must accompany any bedsheet ordered

How do I place order?
- you first of all make selection of bedsheets or duvet of choice
- send them to us via whatsapp with the sizes you want
- send your location and address
- we cost your order, add the delivery fee and send to you via WhatsApp
- You make payment (part payment for new distributor and full payment for old distributor)
- we process your order and dispatch them to you next day.

Can you deliver to my customers?
Yes we deliver to your customers in all the states covered by our courier delivery company.

Am I to add the delivery charges to customers’ price or how does it operate
Sure, it is your customer that pays the delivery fee. You let them know the delivery fee to pay for the item to be delivered to them. Please do not play down on delivery fees as they are very important. Any customer ordering products online knows that they should pay delivery fee. A customer that refuse to pay for delivery is not a serious customer.

What if I get something different from what I ordered?
We give you 100% Money Back Guarantee on our products. If you get the wrong product, we refund or replace your order; whichever option is ok by you.

How do I get the bedsheet and duvet when my customers make their orders?
When your customers place their orders, you order the designs from us at wholesale price and we ship them to you. If you want us to ship to them, you pay their delivery fee after they have already paid for both the bedsheets or duvet and the delivery fee.

Prospective customers are asking me what type of materials do I use
It's 70% cotton and of very good quality

How do you ship items to other states?
We ship using GiG logistics and you pickup from their office in your state.

What does 6x6, 6x4.5 or 6x7, or 7x7 size of bedsheet or duvet mean?
 6x4.5 size of bedsheet or duvet means 6 feet length by 4 and half feet width
6x6 size means 6 feet length by 6 feet width
6x7 size means 6 feet length by 7 feet width.
7x7 size means 7 feet length by 7 feet width.

Does 7x7 have joining?
Yes it does and here is the reason. 7x7 size of mattress has 84 inches width and 84 inches length. The length of all bedsheet fabric is 90 inches. For 7x7 bedsheet size the width is about 126 inches while the length is about 108 (i.e. 18 inches is added to the regular fabric lenght of 90 inches). That is why it has joint. Meanwhile, the joint is neatly done and does not show on your bed because the joint area is where you tuck into the bed.

What is duvet?
Duvet is similar to a blanket used to cover up the body during cold. It has soft fiber inside, which makes the duvet bulky and fluffy.

What is duvet cover?
Duvet cover is similar to pillow case worn on an existing duvet. Just as one can wear new pillow case on your pillow and change the dirty one, one can also wear a new duvet cover on a duvet. Duvet cover can only be ordered by someone that already has a duvet.

How many pillow cases does your bedsheets have?
You will view the different bedsheet sizes and their number of pillow cases in the distributorship/wholesale price chart.

What if I need extra pillow cases for my bedsheet?
Each extra pillow case cost N300.

Hope what I see in the picture is what I will get?
Yes. But it’s important you not that due to camera resolutions, some slight color variations may occasionally occur. Meanwhile, be rest assured that the design you order is definitely what you get. We do not honor refunds or replacement when it is based on color variation.

Are your bedsheets/duvet fabrics 100% cotton material?
No, our bedsheets are not 100% cotton, they are 70% cotton. But they are very durable and of good quality.

How can I get the bedsheets or duvet when I order from you?
There are two options, you could either come and pickup from our outlet, or pay for delivery and we deliver to you.

How long does your delivery take?
2-3 working days; though we try as much as possible to make it faster.

My mattress is high and on the floor; what size of bedsheet should cover it?
if your 6x4.5, 6x6 or 6x7 mattress is high and you want a bedsheet that can cover it very well, you need to buy 7x7 bedsheet size for it.

When customer ask How much is your duvet?
Ask the customer - do you want full duvet set (i.e. duvet, bedsheet and pillow cases) or duvet and pillow cases only or only duvet?
The customer’s answer will determine the price you give to him or her.