Salem Zeb Duvet and Bedsheet Set
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Salem Zeb Duvet and Bedsheet Set

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  1. Premium quality Duvet plus Pillow Cases
  2. Made from fine blend of cotton
  3. Comes in different sizes to fit your bed size
  4. The duvet can be used for any bed of matching size
  5. Non-fade Colorful material
  6. Two years durability Guarantee

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This unique duvet is made of premium quality material. It comes in various sizes. The material is made from the fine blend of cotton with non-fade colors that last very long. Its smooth feel guarantees a comfortable night rest and the exceptional quality assurance.

Your Order will contain:

One Duvet pack of the selected size will contain

  1. One Bedsheet and Two Pillow cases for the 6x4.5 feet
  2. One Bedsheet and Three Pillow cases for the 6x6 feet
  3. One Bedsheet and Four Pillow cases for the 6x7 feet

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